The overall objective of ULTRATENDER project is to provide an effective solution for tenderness prediction and beef tenderization that will offer an energy efficient solution for the production of high quality fresh beef meat, allowing them to reduce processing costs and increase profit margins. The solution will also be a great market opportunity for ultrasound equipment manufacturers that will be able to enter a new market niche within the food industry.

ultratender solution


The development of ULTRATENDER integrated solution will require the successful consecution of the following objectives: .

1. To develop a standardized method for industrial meat quality grading based on “tenderness”, which is the major quality affecting parameter according to consumer´s perception.

  • To establish a qualitative correlation between meat parameters measurable by complex analytical techniques (texture, collagen content, colour, drip loss, cook loss, fat content) and meat tenderness for the most common primal meat cuts from different animals.
  • To establish a quantitative statistical correlation between these meat quality parameters, tenderness and meat properties that can be defined by a common industrial selection method (age, sex, breed, meat primal cut, size and geometry).


2. To develop a prediction software tool for the selection of the best HPU protocol and the prediction of the final tenderness achieved for each meat cut.

  • To create a software tool for final tenderness prediction using HPUs with at least 80% of reliability.
  • To develop a software tool for selection of the most appropriate protocol for meat tenderization by means of HPUs.


3. To develop a method for meat tenderization using HPUs effective for industrial primal beef cuts.

  • To optimize the HPU protocol to be used for an effective tenderization of each of the most common primal cuts.
  • To create an industrial design for the adaptation of ultrasound equipment for meat tenderization at industrial scale.